The Law is Your Attorney

Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

This website can help you file an appeal to a case where you believe malfeasance was going on. Petitioners legal counsel wrote and filed a nonsensical. answering brief. Appellant wrote a response brief which detailed everything in Appellants brief her attorney did not debunk. Every state or location will have slightly different rules. This website is based on Oregon law which will be very similar to other locations laws. We can also help you file a QDRO with any state. A QDRO is a legal document to file with a state retirement system like PERS. Normally you pay an attorney $2000 to file this. We can file it for $500 plus filing fees. Once you have a final dissolution of marriage signed by a judge which awarded all or part of a former spouse PERS account then you need the QDRO form for the state the PERS account is in. Contact us through the contact form for instructions.

To file an appeal in Oregon you can download a notice of appeal form from the appellate court and fill it out. This must be done within 30 days of the final judgement entered into the court record. Five dates are key. The final court date,, the date the judges ruling was signed, the judgement signing and the judgement recording date, then the appeal date. The appeal date will be the date you take the notice of appeal with its certificate of service to the appeal court and file it.

The notice of appeal must include at statement like this: The filing of this notice of appeal transfers the jurisdiction of the case to the Appeals court by ORS 19.270.

Putting this statement in the notice of appeal prevents things like splitting an asset or awarding attorney fees. Therefore the notice of appeal should be filed as soon as the judgement is entered in the trial court register. This will prevent anything else from happening. Also if the judge and the opposite side do something illegal like splitting and asset they you can bring this up in detail in your appeal brief. Then when the Appellate Judges read this they will be upset at the judge and your opposing side.

When starting to write your brief you can describe everything that happened and web search state laws and state Supreme Court rulings pertaining to your case.

You will need to pay for the audio files from the trial to be converted to transcripts. This can range from $500 to $3000 depending on the length and number of hours of court testimony. Contact us and we can help with the Notice of appeal and/or appeal brief writing. Much less than an attorney.